A Study on the Biodiesel Market

Biodiesel is produced from waste vegetable oil, soybean oil or animal fat sourced from restaurants, industrial food producers. It is carbon neutral, rapidly biodegradable & non-toxic. By applications, the biodiesel market can be classified into two sections, mainly power generation and transportation. This study will focus on both separately in terms of market research. For…

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Football: The Color of Money

I have two passions in life and they are wildly different. I love analyzing and valuing businesses, which is why I started my blog. I also love sports and by sports I mean football. It’s the perfect balance because my love of financial valuations takes my mind off football and vice-versa. But as a combination,…

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Unprecedented Bull Run? Counter View

This bull run has been nothing short of historic in terms of the public outcry it has generated. Almost every expert (at least  all value investors) globally and domestically has been shocked by this meteoric bull run. The latest GDP figures might be deep in the red but the market is close to all time…

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